Program of Studies

Physical Education Program of Study

PhysicalEducation activities are offered on a selective basis.  Each quarter adifferent group of activities is offered to each class depending onclass size and teacher schedules.  Students may choose from activitiesbased on seniority and their participation record.  Activities offeredvary throughout the year. Students in grades 9-10 will focus on basicfitness activities along with team sports. Students in grades 11-12 willfocus on lifetime activities, team and individual sports and basicfitness skills. All Physical Education activities meet student learnerexpectation S-9.

Aerobic Games:  Grades 9-12
Studentswho select this course or fitness games will cover games that willinclude various aerobic activities.  Students will work at target heartrate.  Some of the activities included in this unit will be ultimatefrisbee/football, indoor soccer, gator ball, and various cardiovascularactivity games.

Basketball - Grades 9-12
Studentswho select basketball receive instruction in basic individual and teamskills.  Students develop skills through achieving individualperformance standards and participating in modified games. Passing,dribbling, cutting, shooting, rebounding and strategies improve throughdaily practice and instruction.       

Bowling -Grades 11-12
Studentswho select Bowling will participate at Old Mountain Lanes.  They willlearn the correct grip and delivery of the ball, as well as learning thethree and the four-step approach in ten pin bowling.  Students shouldbe able to execute the proper form by bowling each class period. Courtesies associated with the game of bowling and how to score will belearned by participating at Old Mountain Lanes.  There is a $1.75 fee per session.

Dance - Grades 11-12
Studentswill learn basic line and square dances.  Students will also learnvarious traditional and current styles of popular dances.  They will berequired to choreograph and perform a dance for the class.

Fencing -Grades 11-12
Studentswill learn basic fencing skills, simple attacks and defenses.  Rules,etiquette, officiating, and tournament play will be included.  Theemphasis in advanced fencing is placed upon bout strategy and theutilization of compound attacks.  A class tournament will be included.

Flag Football - Grades 9-12
Instructionwill be given in passing, running, defense, offense, blocking, strategyand punting.  No tackling will be allowed.    

Floor Hockey - Grades 9-12
Studentswill learn the basic skills, positions and strategy of floor hockey. Instructor will include individual and team skills, offensive anddefensive strategy, developmental games and 6 in 6 competition. Students are required to wear appropriate safety equipment at alltimes.

Golf - Grades 11-12
Students will learn basic golf skills including instruction in etiquette and rules.  Studentswill familiarize themselves with golf terminology, learn how to score around of golf and learn basic knowledge of the care and use ofequipment.   

Lacrosse - Grades 9-12
Studentswill develop basic skills, understanding of rules and their applicationto the games.  Instruction will include:  Various tasks to develophand-eye coordination and improve the ability to track a ball, safetyprocedures and care of equipment, positional skills and team strategies.

Outdoor Education – Grades 11-12
Studentswill be exposed to outdoor activities involving orienteering, outdoorsurvival, shelter building, cooking, and caring for the environment.

Project Adventure - Grades 11-12
Thiscourse is designed for students to learn how to cooperatively worktogether and use critical thinking skills to solve group initiatives.Some activities that are emphasized are trust activities, groupinitiatives, high and low rope activities, obstacle courses, spottingand teamwork. SLE A-1, S-9

Racquet Games - Grades 9-12
Studentsparticipate in a variety of games including tennis, pickle ball,badminton and table tennis.  Rules and basic techniques such as groundstrokes, serving, etiquette, strategy and rules are covered withemphasis on total class participation.

Soccer - Grades 9-12
Allbasic skills will be taught with emphasis placed upon controlling theball and effective passing techniques.  The course is aimed atdeveloping total skills, along with teaching the defensive and offensiveconcepts of the game.

Softball - Grades 9-12
Instructionis given in batting, fielding, positions, basic rules, proper ball gripand throwing, catching and other facets of the game. Slow pitch ruleswill be used

Total Fitness - Grades 9-12
Emphasisis placed on improving fitness levels through a variety of activitiesincluding running, fitness challenges, weight training, aerobics, stepaerobics, kick boxing, fitness games and specific strength and circuittraining.  Students learn to utilize target heart rate in evaluating theeffectiveness of training.  Heart rate monitors may also be used tomonitor progress. Students may also participate in Fitness Gram testing.

Volleyball - Grades 9-12
Studentswill learn basic skills of passing, setting, and serving.  Students aretaught the basic methods of service reception and rotation.  Games areplayed stressing proper skills, technique, and positioning on the courtwith the use of three contacts on offense.   

Weight Training - Grades 9-12
Studentswill develop an understanding and awareness of fitness and the benefitsof weight training.  Students will learn basic lifting techniques usingfree weights and machines to develop a personal training program.Students will also learn basic muscles and exercises to strengthen them.

Yoga - Grades 11-12
Studentswill learn basic breathing, stretching, strengthening and relaxationtechniques connected with a series of different postures.  Eachindividual develops awareness of her/his body through directed practiceand instruction.   

First Aid/CPR/AED:  Grades 9-12
Studentswill learn basic first aid care for injuries, burns, open wounds, shockas well as basic life support skills. AED training is also included.Students have the option of becoming certified in First Aid, CPR and AEDby the Red Cross or American Heart Association. This course may beoffered in physical education classes.  SLE C-6, C-7, S-9