Health & PE

Welcome to the Health and Physical Education Department

TheSouth Kingstown High School's Physical Education department provides anenvironment where each student will acquire the skills and knowledgenecessary to understand the relationship of physical well being tolong-term health. Learner's individual needs are satisfied through allforms for physical activity. Students learn to explore, discover andsolve problems through movement and establish relationships betweenphysical activity, body function and structure, and the mental aspectsof judging time, distance and spatial relationships. Physical educationprovides a unique setting for sharing ideas, relieving stress, learningcooperatively, and enjoying a wide variety of activities. Throughphysical education, students will learn to develop respect,responsibility and citizenship in a diverse society.

The HealthDepartment’s goal is to develop lifelong skills that will enable ourstudents to establish healthy adult lifestyles characterized by makingsound decisions concerning health and wellness.

InPhysical Education, students are provided with a well-roundedcurriculum with a plethora of activities that include cardiovascularfitness, eye/hand coordination, problem solving, and lifetime sports.Through both health and physical education, we feel we are givingstudents the tools to continue a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Keith Vellone, Chair
Health and Physical Education Department