Grading Policy

SKHS Physical Education Grading Policy


It is our belief that all students need to be in class and be on time in order to achieve optimum benefits from physical education. Students must earn eight credits (two per year) in P.E. to graduate from South Kingstown High School. Since we are a Pass/Fail subject (S = satisfactory & U= unsatisfactory) it is extremely important that students be present in class. Grading is based on attendance, participation, and effort as well as meeting the National Standards in physical education. Expectations include being prepared with appropriate attire, coming on time to class, being respectful, participating fully, demonstrating proper equipment management, and removing distractions (no cell phones, ear buds, hats, food, & drinks). Written work may also be incorporated in the grading system.


Attendance and Make up Procedure:

All students are able to have up to three excused absences from physical education each quarter. Students can also achieve partial credit for inconsistent effort and participation in class.



Students must make up all of the following:

  • All absences exceeding the 3 allotted
  • All unexcused absences
  • All unprepared (not changed) for class
  • All inconsistent & partial participation deductions exceeding the 2 allotted.


  • Students will fail physical education for the quarter if they do not follow the above criteria.
  • Students missing a total of 8 or more classes, excused, unexcused and make-ups combined, will fail physical education for the quarter.
  • Students failing physical education for the quarter will have to attend PE Credit Recovery held on Saturdays.

Medical Excuses:

Quarter Medicals

  • Students obtaining a medical excuse for the quarter should see their guidance counselor regarding PE credit.
  • Medicals should be on file with the nurse’s office.

Temporary Medicals

  • Students do not need to make up classes if a medical note from a doctor is provided.
  • Notes from parents do not qualify as a medical note.
  • Students with medical excuses must participate in participate in 60% of classes held in order to receive PE credit.

PE Make up Days:

Students will be able to make up missed classes on a weekly basis. Dates will be provided and posted at the beginning of each quarter.