On June 15, 2015, the Principal’s Committee on Athletics changed their rules concerning the ability of a student to participate in two sports within the same season (Fall, Winter, Spring). 

South Kingstown High School will allow a student to participate in two sports during the same season under the following conditions:

  • The student must declare a primary and secondary sport prior to the season beginning.
  • The Head Coach of the primary sport has the final decision on any participation of the student with the secondary sport. For example, only the Head Coach of the primary sport could give permission for a student to miss a practice or contest in order to participate with the secondary sport.
  • A student must have permission from the Head Coach of the primary sport in order to practice or compete for the secondary sport, even if there is no conflict with the primary sport.
  • If a student tries out for a cut sport and doesn’t make the team, they will not be allowed to try out for another team that has already made their selections. They can join a non-cut team, at the discretion of that team’s Head Coach. (Cross Country, Football, Indoor Track and Field, Wrestling, Outdoor Track and Field, Tennis, Swim, Gymnastics, Hockey, Golf)
  • Students who wish to participate in two sports in the same season must declare their intentions with the Athletic Director. Please note: Academic standing will factor into all decisions.