Portfolio Submissions FAQ

Portfolio Submission Frequently Asked Questions



What does a complete portfolio include?


The complete piece of work (essay, lab, math project, art work, etc., with all parts and pages).

A scored rubric including the students name, the name of the assignment and a teacher sign-off.

Will freshman be able to submit items completed this year into the portfolio at a later date (as in next year or the year after)?


Yes, any student can submit a proficient portfolio assignment (see above) to the portfolio after the year it was completed.The teacher should have already scored the assignment on Richer Picture.The score will appear in the student’s portfolio on Richer Picture after the work is submitted to the assignment.

Can freshman scan assignments over the next few days and after the exam periods?

Yes, students can scan assignments at any time, as long as it is proficient and includes a scored rubric (see above).Students may use a scanner at home, or they may use the scanners in the library, when the library is open.Once the work is scanned into a folder on the h-drive, or on their home computer, they need to upload the file to the assignment on Richer Picture.Students may upload work to Richer Picture from any computer that has access to the Internet.Remember to submit both the work and the rubric.

 When will the portfolio room be available?


The portfolio room is available after school when the library is open and during CPT time on Wednesday mornings.

Can students scan assignments in from home if they have a scanner, and can they do this over the summer?



Yes, students can use a scanner at home.First scan the assignment and rubric into a folder on their home computer and then upload the scanned document to the assignment on Richer Picture.Remember to label (rename) the scanned document, for example; Algebra 1 Kite Runner or Earth Science lab Newton’s Law.


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