Program of Studies

                                                              HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT

                                                                   HEALTH EDUCATION PROGRAM OF STUDY

Health 1 - 11905 – Freshmen (3​ rd​ quarter) (1/4 credit) Grade 9
Students will understand that responsible decision-making, the development of healthy relationships, the management of stress and the complex emotional states of adolescence, adaptation to change throughout life and knowing when to seek help, manifest the level of one’s mental health. Topics covered include: relationship violence, sexual harassment, non violence, mental health, Too Good for Drugs, suicide (SOS), nutrition, and HIV/AIDS. (SLE 7) 

Health 2 – 11906 – Sophomores (1​ st​ quarter) (1/4 credit) Grade 10
Students will gain an understanding of those elements inherent in healthy sexual development and maturation, including family communication, relationships, sexual identity, human sexual response cycle and sexual decision-making. Topics covered include: sex and family life, STD/HIV and disease prevention, abstinence and contraceptive methods, and relationships/violence. (SLE 7) 

Health 3 – 11907 – Juniors (2​ nd​ quarter) (1/4 credit) Grade 11
Students will acquire knowledge to enhance their ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks. Topics include: HIV/AIDS, aging, death and dying, body images, sex without consent, and drinking and driving. (SLE 7) 

Health 4 – 11908 – Seniors (4​ th​ quarter) (1/4 credit) Grade 12
Students will develop the ability to use goal setting and decision-making skills to enhance health. Advocating for personal, family, community and environmental health will serve as the primary focus. Topics include environmental health, first aid and CPR, consumer health, domestic violence and stress management and HIV/AIDS awareness. (SLE 7) 

                                                                   PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM OF STUDY

Activities and Units Available to Students Physical Education activities are offered on a selective basis. Each quarter a different group of activities is offered to each class, dependent on class size and teacher schedule. Students may choose from offered activities based on seniority and their participation record. Activities offered vary throughout the year based on faculty schedules and weather conditions. All 9 th and 10 th grade students will participate in fitness testing during the second and fourth quarters (Fitnessgram 9) of the school year. Student activities in grades 9-10 will focus on basic fitness activities, along with team sports. Student activities in grades 11-12 will focus on lifetime activities, team and individual sports and basic fitness skills.

Aerobic Games: Grades 9-12 Students who select this course or Fitness Games will participate in games that will include various aerobic activities. Students will work at target heart rate. Some of the activities included in this unit will be ultimate Frisbee/Football, indoor soccer, gator ball, and various cardiovascular activity games.

Basketball: Grades 9-12 Students who select basketball receive instruction in basic individual and team skills. Students develop skills through achieving individual performance standards and participating in modified games. Passing, dribbling, cutting, shooting, rebounding and strategies improve through daily practice and instruction. 

Bowling: Grades 9-12 Students who select Bowling will participate at Old Mountain Lanes. They will learn the correct grip and delivery of the ball, as well as learning the three and the four-step approach in ten pin bowling. Students should be able to execute the proper form by bowling each class period. Courtesies associated with the game of bowling and how to score will be learned by participating at Old Mountain Lanes. There is a $2.00 fee per class/session. Families should plan accordingly for approximately 20 classes/sessions. 

Dance: Grades 11-12 Students will learn basic line and square dances. Students will also learn various traditional and current styles of popular dances. All participants will be required to choreograph and perform a dance for the class 

Flag Football: Grades 9-12 Instruction will be given in passing, running, defense, offense, blocking, strategy and punting. No tackling will be allowed. 

Floor Hockey: Grades 9-12 Students will learn the basic skills, positions and strategy of floor hockey. Instruction will include individual and team skills, offensive and defensive strategy, developmental games and 6-on-6 competition. Students are required to wear appropriate safety equipment at all times. 

Indoor Team Sports Games: Grades 11-12 Students participate in various team oriented sports such as whiffle ball, mat ball, pillo pollo.

An Introduction to Golf: Grades 11-12 Students will learn basic golf skills, including instruction in etiquette and rules. Students will familiarize themselves with golf terminology, learn how to score a round of golf and learn basic knowledge of the care and use of equipment.  

Lacrosse: Grades 9-12 Students will develop basic skills, an understanding of the rules and their application to the game. Instruction will include various tasks to develop hand-eye coordination and improve the ability to track a ball, safety procedures and care of equipment, positional skills and team strategies. 

Project Adventure: Grades 11-12 This course is designed for students to learn how to cooperatively work together and use critical thinking skills to solve group initiatives. Some activities that are emphasized are trust activities, group initiatives, high and low rope activities, obstacle courses, spotting and teamwork. 

Racquet Games: Grades 9-12 Students participate in a variety of games including tennis, pickle ball, badminton and table tennis (when available). Rules and basic techniques such as ground strokes, serving, etiquette, strategy and rules are covered with an emphasis on total class participation. 

Rock Climbing: Grades 9-12 Students who select rock climbing will attend Rock Spot Climbing with the instructor. A waiver form must completed by student and parent/guardian prior to participating. There is a $2.00 fee per trip
. Students learn the basics of rock climbing and bouldering. Students can also be tested to belay other students. Students usually attend 2 times per week. 

Softball: Grades 9-12 Instruction is given in batting, fielding, positions, basic rules, proper ball grip and throwing, catching and other facets of the game. Slow pitch rules will be used.

Total Fitness: Grades 9-12 Emphasis is placed on improving fitness levels through a variety of activities including running, fitness challenges, weight training, aerobics, yoga, body ball exercises, medicine balls, fitness games and specific strength and circuit training. Students learn to utilize target heart rate in evaluating the effectiveness of training. Heart rate monitors may also be used to monitor progress. Classes focus on the five components of physical fitness.

Volleyball: Grades 9-12 Students will learn basic skills of passing, setting, and serving. Students are taught the basic methods of service reception and rotation. Games are played stressing proper skills, technique, and positioning on the court with the use of three contacts on offense.