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Course Name:    Skills Development      Grade Level:  9-12

Content Area:   Academic/Social/Emotional/Behavioral/Transitional

Length of Course:  -   Year

Essential Question:  
What skills are needed for a successful post-secondary transition?

Program of Studies Course Description
This course meets the unique needs of student by providing a continuum of academic instruction and support.  Students receive specialized instruction in the area(s) identified through a wide range of assessments.  

Course Objectives
Develop academic skills
Develop organizational skills
Develop written organizational skills
Preview and review concepts taught in the content area classes
Develop self-advocacy skills
Develop appropriate time management skills
Address individual goals outlined in student's Individualized Education Plan
        Develop a Transition Plan as addressed in the student's Individualized
Education Plan
Develop self-evaluation/assessment skills

The student will (as per IEP):
Maintain daily planner to organize and ensure completion of
Organize notebooks and handouts used in content area classes
Develop time management skills
Preparation for quizzes, tests and exams
Complete tasks designed to reinforce educational needs
Utilize appropriate technology
Utilize educational software to reinforce educational needs
Use time for independent or critical reading
Advocacte for self by seeking assistance from resource or regular educaiton
Evaluate academic performance and implement changes for academic
Participate in transition activities as specified in IEP

Grade-Span Expectations:  
MATH GSEs:  Parallel Content Expectation

ELA GSEs: Parallel Content Expectation

Reports and observation from classroom teachers and/or special education personnel
Academic grades
Quarterly progress reports
Consultation with students and classroom teachers
Behavioral observations, both formal and informal
3-year reevaluation of educational and/or cognitive skills
Department wide rubric

Resources (per IEP) including:
Word processor
Word recognition software
Alpha smart
Writing assistance software
Books on tape

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