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 Tech - SolidWorks (889)
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Course Objectives

o       Developing an understanding of commonly used features of File menu
o       Develop an understanding of the major components of the Draw menu
o       Develop an understanding of the features and uses of the Construct menu
o       Develop an understanding of the view menu an its' features
o       Develop an understanding of the essential features of the Settings menu
o       Develop understanding of Cursor menu features
o       Develop an understanding of the Assist menu features
o       Develop an understanding of the importance of developing protocol and procedures in setting up the working environment

Performance Indicators

The student will:

o       Utilize common features of the File menu in developing projects
o       Utilize major components of the Draw menu in the production of drawing projects
o       Toggle appropriate View commands as required by the parameters of the project
o       Set up working environment from settings menu for current drawing and layer
o       Set Snaps and Drawing select features from cursor menu
o       Set environment features such as o-snap, layer and units controls

Standards Alignment

o       A1P    Problem solving
o       A4P    Self management
o       A5S    Teams
o       M2S    Geometry and Measurement concepts
o       M3S    Function and Algebra Concepts
o       M5P    Problem solving and Mathematical Reasoning
o       M7P    Mathematical Communication
o       SCANS

Technology Standards Alignment

o        T1   Basic operations and concepts
o        T2 Social, ethical, and human issues
o        T3   Technology productivity tools
o        T4   Technology communications tools
o        T5   Technology research tools
o        T6   Technology problem-solving and decision-making tools

Student Assessment

o       Projects                            
o       Teamwork
o       Student created projects
o       Brain storming sessions
o       Alternative solutions
o       Problem solving
o       Fridge hangers

Student Activities

o       Draw line (5 methods) absolute coordinates, relative coordinates, polar coordinates, point to point and osnaps
o       Draw square (5 methods) polygons, lines-relative or absolute, offsets and copy, grid
o       Draw 8 unit cube (5 methods) absolute coord-relative-coord, modify change thickness, 3d surface menu, copy and change elevation method
o       Draw 2 unit cube any method other than 3d surface menu and produce 3 copies and place within 8 unit cube so that a 2 unit cube is in the left-bottom-front corner and two 2unit cubes are in the left rear corner at the top and bottom with the remaining cube in the right bottom corner
o       Connect the front left bottom cube to the right rear bottom cube with tangential arcs having a 2 unit square cross section
o       Repeat above procedures on other two 90 degree planes
o       Develop this construction by 3 different methods; one and only one may use UCS 3 point command  

SLE's: A1, A2, A3, C6--

Applied Learning Alignment

ELA Grade Span Expectations
Mathematics Grade Span Expectations

Common Core of Learning

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