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 Tech - Robotics (800)
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Course Objectives

The student will

·        Develop an understanding of the classifications of  robots.
·       Develop an understanding of robotic terminology.
·       Develop an understanding of the principles of robotic operations.
·       Develop an understanding for what tasks robots are capable of performing.
·       Develop an understanding of how robots are integrated into automated manufacturing.
·       Develop an understanding of the design and engineering of a robot
·       Develop an understanding of robotic programming.
·       Develop a sense of pride in workmanship and Creativity
·       Develop ability to keep organized notes
·       Develop ability to work in groups toward a team effort.

Performance Indicators

The student  will

·       Develop a sense of pride in workmanship and Creativity
·       Produce a display of robots in manufacturing and their different classifications.
·       Design, build and program robots to compete in several team challenges.
·       Keep a daily journal of design ideas, construction and programming progress for each team challenge.
·       Complete all team challenges.
·       Assist classmates doing tasks that require team work
·       Assist in classroom maintenance
·       Assist in daily classroom cleanup
·       Assist in group evaluation of individual projects

Standards Alignment

·       A1  Problem Solving (a, b)
·       A4  Learning and Self-Management
·       A5  Tools and Techniques for Working With others
·       S1  Physical Science Concepts (c, d)
·       S3  Earth and Space Science Concepts
·       S4  Scientific Connections and Applications (a, b, d)
·       S5  Scientific Thinking (c, e)
·       S6  Scientific Tools and Techniques
·       S8  Scientific Investigation
·       M1  Number and Operation Concepts (a, c, e, f)
·       M2  Geometry and Measurement Concepts (b, d, e, k, n, p)
·       M5  Problem Solving Mathematical Reasoning (a, b, c)
·       M6  Math Skills and Tools (c, d, e, l, m)
·       M8  Putting Math to Work ---c
·       E7  Functional Documents (a, b)

Technology Standards Alignment

·       T1  Basic operations and concepts
·       T2  Social, ethical, and human issues
·       T5  Technology research tools
·       T4  Technology communication tools
·       T5  Technology research tools
·       T6  Technology problem-solving and decision making.

Student Assessment

·        Practical tests
·       Student journals
·       Team challenges
·       Work area management
·       Team work
·       Projects and written work

Student Activities

The student  will

·       Through  research, be required to create a display and to write a paper on something that robots are used for today, and their future.
·       Use a series of  handouts to first become familiar with the building and programming of the Lego Dacta Robotic System.
·       Create different programs for their inventions using ROBOLAB, an easy to use, powerful programming language.
·       Keep class notes of all team challenges
·       Present project to class for group evaluation

SLE's:  A1, A2, A3, A4, C6, C7, C8, S10

Applied Learning Alignment

A, 1
B, 1
C, 1, 2, 3
D, 1
E, 1

Common Core Standards for Mathematics
CC. 9-12                        Math Practices

A-APR-1                 1,2,4,5,6

Common Core of Learning

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