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 Tech - House Design II (884)
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House Design II

Course Objectives:     

Students will:

Develop an increased ability to plan and problem solve within the envelope of real world parameters.
Develop the ability to integrate functional requirements with aesthetics and styles.
Draw scaled plan drawings. Draw scaled structural Details.
Draw scaled cross sections and sectional structural details.
Draw basic scaled plot plan or site plan.
Utilize ACAD and any other plan drawing software to assist in any of these tasks as resources permit.
Utilize internet as a resource for information gathering.
Plot scaled plans as resources permit.
Develop sketching skills to a higher degree and work with combining forms such as cylinders with rectangles to develop and explore what works aesthetically.

Performance Indicators:      

Students will:

·       Develop aesthetically and functionally balanced design solutions.
·       Develop design solutions for real-world problem situations.
·       Draw scaled plan views. Draw scaled structural details.
·       Draw scaled section drawings. Draw scaled elevation drawings.
·       Draw scaled plot or site plan.
·       Utilize ACAD to draw and plot the above.
·       Utilize sketching as a means to study architecture from a perspective of forms and shapes –a kind of sculptural viewpoint.
·       Utilize the internet as a resource tool.

Student Activities and Portfolio-Worthy Tasks:
·       Work to solve sitting problems.
·       Work to develop a balance between functional requirements and aesthetics.
·       Sketching to develop a sculptural view of architectural forms.
·       Draw scaled plan view drawings.  Construct scaled models. – validation pending
·       Scaled structural drawings. Scaled Structural detail drawings. Scaled sectional drawings.
·       Computer plotted drawings of the above.
·       Research architectural internet sites and present finding before class.  –validation pending
·       Utilize ACAD as a problem solving too.

Student Assessment:

Projects, Practical tests, Student created plans
Teamwork, Student created projects, Drawings
Self assessment, Peer assessment

Student Learning Expectations:

·       SLE-1,  SLE-2

Standards Alignment:

·       A1   Critical thinking
·       A2   Literacy skills
·       A3   Tech. literacy
·       C6   Reasonable participation

Applied Learning Alignment:  

SE-1, A, B, C, D, E

Technology Standards Alignment (NETS):

·       T1   Basic operations and concepts
·       T3   Technology productivity tools
·       T5   Technology research tools
·       T6   Technology problem-solving and decision making tools

Common Core Standards for Mathematics:
CC. 9-12                        Math Practices
G.MG.I                                  1,2,4,5,6,7

G.MG.2                          2,4,6
G.MG.3                          2,4,6

GSE’s         Reading
R11,    R7,    R8,   R12 + R13  

W1,   W6,   W9,   OC1,  OC2

Mathematics Grade Span Expectations:

MATHEMATICS    M(G&M)  10-6, +10-7  
                                   M(N+O) 10-4  

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