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 Tech - Engineering Graphics II (881)
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Engineering Graphics II

Course Objectives

o       Develop an understanding of the principles of Geometric Construction as applied to 3-dimensional problems ie.  the development template for each of the five regular polyhedra
o       Develop an increased ability to visualize 3-dimensional spacial problems
o       Develop understanding of principles of the Reference- plane method
o       Develop understanding of the Folding Plane method
o       Develop the ability to solve more complex shapes using the auxiliary view method
o       Develop understanding of the methods used in solving Bearing and Slope problems
o       Develop an understanding of the methods used to solve perpendicularity problems
o       Develop an understanding of the methods used to solve piercing point problems

Performance Indicators

o       The student will:
o       Utilize principles of Geometric Construction to produce 3 -dimensional development problem solutions
o       Develop an increased ability to solve more difficult problems involving point, lines, planes, and surfaces
o       Utilize the principles of successive revolution to solve problems involving true size and shape, true length,  edge views, and point views
o       Develop an ability utilize the Folding plane method to solve for true size or length
o       Develop an ability to apply the principles of Primary and Secondary Auxiliary view method
o       Develop ability to produce development diagrams
o       Develop the ability to solve intersection problems involving 3-dimensional entities
o       Utilize the methods presented to solve Bearing problems
o       Solve Slope problems using methods presented
o       Solve perpendicularity problems employing the methods presented
o       Solve piercing point problems by methods presented

Standards Alignment

o       A1P   Problem solving
o       A4P   Self management
o       A5S   Teams
o       M2S   Geometry and Measurement concepts
o       M5P   Problem solving and Mathematical Reasoning
o       SCANS

Technology Standards Alignment

o       T1   Basic operations and concepts
o       T2   Social, ethical, and human issues
o       T3   Technology productivity tools
o       T4   Technology communications tools
o       T5   Technology research tools
o       T6   Technology problem-solving and decision-making tools

Student Assessment

o       Projects
o       Teamwork
o       Student created projects
o       Brain storming sessions
o       Alternative solutions
o       Portfolio

Student Activities

o       Problems using geometric constructions applies to 3-dimensional development or templates
o       Visualization exercises involving points, lines, planes and surfaces
o       Projects which utilize Successive revolution techniques for solving true size and shape problems and true length problems
o       Problems which may be solved using Auxiliary view methods either primary or secondary
o       Projects which may be solve using the Reference plane method
o       Problems which are solved by the folding plane method
o       Problems which involve solving for bearing or slope
o       Problems involving perpendicularity and piercing points
o       Problems which involve rates of motion and acceleration  which employ a form of Graphic calculus

SLE's: A1, A2, A3, C6

Applied Learning Alignment

ELA Grade Span Expectations
Common Core Standards for Mathematics
 CC. 9-12                              Math Practices
G-CO.1                                1,2,4,5,6,7
G-CO.12                                 3,5,6
G-CO.9                                   3,6

Common Core of Learning

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