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 Tech - Electronics I (830)
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Electronics I

Course Objectives

Develop an understanding of the parts of the atom.
Understand which parts of the atom are important in electronics.
Identify conductors, insulators, and semiconductors.
Atomically speaking, identify a conductor, an insulator, and a semiconductor.
Develop an understanding of circuits.
Learn the Resister Color Code
Learn to physically recognize the electronic components and their schematic symbols.
Learn the functions of the electronic components introduced. .
Learn the proper techniques of soldering.
Learn to use a breadboard.

Performance Indicators

The student will:

Identify electronic components.
Understand the functions of electronic components.
Identify schematic symbols for electronic components.
Read schematics.
Build circuits by reading schematics.
Build circuits by using a breadboard and by using schematic overlays.
Identify, physically and atomically, conductors, insulators, and semiconductors.
Recognize, understand, and interpret the Color Code.
Properly solder various electronic circuits and projects.

Standards Alignment

009 Reference Materials
012 General Housekeeping
027 Listening
028 Observation
034 Safety
037 Basic Mathematics
038 Mathematics for Science
044 Basic Electrical Concepts
045 Problem Solving and Decision Making
072 Computer Literacy
078 Scientific Method
086 DC Circuits
087 AC Circuits
088 Solid-State Devices
089 Analog Circuits
093 Soldering
118 Hand and Power Tools
G01 Self-Expression
G03 Workplace Interpersonal Skills
G08 Positive Attitudes Personally and Professionally
G14 Successful Job Performance
G17 Work Ethic
G20 Appreciation of Diversity

Technology Standards Alignment

1 Basic Operations and Concepts
2 Social, Ethical, and Human Issues
3 Technology Productivity Tools
5 Technology Research Tools
6 Technology Problem-solving and Decision-making Tools

Student Assessment

Content based exams and quizzes.
Building of circuits.
Building of power supply.
Building of “Chaney ” projects.
Use of proper soldering techniques.
Designing and building collage.
Oral presentation.

Student Activities

Building of circuits.
Building of power supply.
Building of “Chaney” projects.
Designing and building collage.

Mission and Student Expectations Alignment

Student will be provided an environment in which to acquire knowledge and skills to become a respectful, productive, and responsible citizen.

Applied Learning Alignment

A1, C1, C2, C3, D1, D2, E1

Common Core Standards for Mathematics
N-Q 1,2,3,
A-CED 1,2,3,4

Math Practices 1,2,5,6

Common Core of Learning

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