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 Tech - Computer Aided Drafting II (887)
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Computer Aided Drafting II

Course Objectives

o       Review concepts and features covered in intro
o       Develop understanding of Insert- for text, block, shape attributes from cursor menu
o       Develop understanding of Model Menu with regard to Extrusion, Solidity, Primatives, Uion and Intersections
o       Develop understanding of Plot and Utilites from File menu
o       Develop understanding of Object Filters from Assist menu
o       Develop understanding of Entity modes
o       Develop understanding of Drawing Limits from Setting menu
o       Develop understanding of Zoom Dynamic in R12and 3d Zoom in R13
o       Develop understanding of Toggle VP from view menu
o       Develop understanding of View/Mview sub menu
o       Develop understanding of Block and Wblock commands
o       Develop understanding of Dimensions Submenu
o       Develop understanding of the Render menu  

Performance Indicators

o       The student will:
o       Produce representative samples of the problems posed in Intro to CAD
o       Utilize Insert command for text, blocks and shape attributes
o       Execute problems which require the use extursion, solidity, primatives, uions and intersections
o       Utilize Plot and Utilies menu features in producing hardcopy outputs
o       Utilize the Object Filters features of the assist menu
o       Use Entity modes commands in projects
o       Use Setting menu to utilize Drawing Limits commands
o       Employ Zoom dynamic in R12 projects and 3d Zoom in projects executed in R13
o       Utilize View port Toggles in multi-view based problems
o       Utilize features of the view and M/view sub menu
o       Develop projects which incorporate block and Wblock utilization
o       Utilize a significant portion of the Dimensions submenu
o       Develop rendered output of projects

Standards Alignment

o       A1P    Problem solving
o       A4P    Self management
o       A5S    Teams
o       S7P     Represents Data
o       M2S   Geometry and Measurement
o       M3S   Function and Algebra Concepts
o       M5P   Problem solving and Mathematical Reasoning
o       M7P   Mathematical Communication
o       SCANS

Technology Standards Alignment

o       T1   Basic operations and concepts
o       T2   Social, Ethical, and human issues
o       T3   Technology productivity tools
o       T4   Technology communications tools
o       T5   Technology research tools
o       T6   Technology problem-solving and decision-making tools

Student Assessment

o       Projects
o       Teamwork
o       Student created projects
o       Brain storming sessions
o       Alternative solutions
o       Problem solving

Student Activities

o       Draw faces for the five regular polyhedra having a unit edge of 2 units
o       Develop strategy for producing a 3d tetrahedron with a 2 unit edge
o       Draw a 3d hexahedron by any method but 3d surfaces
o       Draw octahedron in 3d with edge 2 units
o       Develop strategy to produce a 3d dodecahedron
o       Develop a method to produce a 3d icosahedron
o       Document in table form the number of faces, verticies and edges in each 3d form
o       Use ACAD to find area of each polyhedras' face area, perimeter and total perimeter
o       Estimate the volume for each 3d entity
o       Use Acad to calculate the volume
o       Use ACAD to find equivalent Spherical volume
o       Compare data in table for each form and compare computed data with estimates

SLE's: A1, A2, A3, C6

Applied Learning Alignment

ELA Grade Span Expectations
Common Core Standards for Mathematics
 CC. 9-12                                            Math Practices

G-CO.1                                                 1,2,4,5,6,7
G-CO.12                                  3,5,6
G-CO.9                                    3,6

Common Core of Learning

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