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 Tech - Carpentry II (858)
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Carpentry II

Course Objectives:     

Students will:

·       Develop appreciation for a workshop environment. Develop appreciation for tools and machines.
·       Develop ability to use tools and machines safely and effectively.
·       Develop ability to create an effective set of plans for a desired project.
·       Develop ability to visualize steps to create a desired outcome.
·       Develop sensitivity to style, proportion, good craftsmanship, and functionality in projects.
·       Develop ability to work in a group setting, individually and in teams.
·       Develop appreciation for materials and supplies
·       Develop ability to keep organized notes.
·       Develop ability to add and subtract feet, inches, and parts of an inch.
·       Develop ability to identify and create different types of wood joints.

Performance Indicators:    

Students will:

·       Demonstrate safe use of tools and machines
·       Produce complete set of plans for desired project
·       Keep daily journal of work completed
·       Complete chosen projects
·       Pay for materials used in making projects
·       Assist classmates doing tasks that require team work
·       Assist in classroom maintenance
·       Assist in daily classroom cleanup
·       Assist in group evaluation of individual projects
·       Save all hand outs in an organized notebook
·       Demonstrate knowledge of how to read a ruler and solve simple problems in adding and subtracting measurements         

Student Activities and Portfolio-Worthy Tasks:
·       Use tools and machines
·       Create set of plans for desired projects -- validated
·       Develop a bill of materials from plan. Develop cost of project from plan. -- validated
·       Select appropriate material for project
·       Select proper tools to build project
·       Use proper construction techniques to build project
·       Select finish, hardware, etc. to complete project
·       Keep class notes of handouts
·       Present project to class for group evaluation
·       Research a topic for a display presented to class. – validation pending

Student Assessment:
·       Practical tests, Student journals, Student created plans
·       Safety tests, Projects, Work area management
·       Team work, Neatness, Accuracy
·       Note books graded end of semester

Student Learning Expectations:

·       SLE-1,  SLE-2  

Standards Alignment:
A1   Critical thinking
A2   Literacy skills
A3   Tech. literacy
C6   Reasonable participation
·       M1 Number and Operation Concepts (a, c, e, f)
·       M2 Geometry and Measurement Concepts (b, d, e, k, n, p)
·       M5 Problem Solving Mathematical Reasoning (a, b, c)
·       M6 math Skills and Tools (c, d, e, l, m)
·       M8 Putting math to Work  ---c
·       E7 Functional Documents (a, b)

Applied Learning Alignment:  

·       SE-1, A, B, C, D, E

Technology Standards Alignment (NETS):

  .     T1 Basic operations and concepts
·       T5  Technology research tools
·       T6  Technology problem-solving and decision making

Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards for Mathematics
G-CO-1                       Math Practice
G-CO-4                       1,4,5,6,7

GSE’s         Reading
R11,    R7,    R8,   R12 + R13  

W1,   W6,   W9,   OC1,  OC2


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