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 Tech - Auto Mechanics I (835)
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Auto Mechanics I

Course Objectives

The student will:

Acquire an understanding of the safety rules of an auto shop.
Learn the basic tools and their uses.
Acquire a respect for tools and shop.
Learn the four stokes of the “four-stroke engine” and the five events.
Learn the basic parts of the four-stroke engine.
Acquire an appreciation / motivation to work on, repair, customize, etc., automobiles.

Performance Objectives

The student will:

Conduct him/herself in a manner that is consistent with the safety rules of the auto shop.
Use various tools and equipment that would be found in an auto shop.
Take proper care of the various tools and equipment found in an auto shop.
Understand relationships and functions of various parts of a lawnmower engine and a four-stroke engine in general.
Get involved in a project of his/her wish, ie. Bring in a minibike, work on a donated vehicle, help a friend with his project, etc.

Standards Alignment

009 Reference Materials
012 General Housekeeping
018 Communication
027 Listening
028 Observation
034 Safety
037 Basic Math
045 Problem Solving and Decision Making
061 Units of Measurements
072 Computer Literacy
076 Documentation
079 Teamwork
102 Mechanics / Forces
104 Electricity and Magnetism
118 Hand and Power Tools
151 Gasoline Engines
166 Inspection
167 Diagnosis
G08 Positive Attitudes Personally and Professionally
G17 Work Ethic
G20 Appreciation of Diversity

Technology Standards Alignment

·       1 Basic Operations and Concepts
·       2 Social, Ethical, and Human Issues
·       3 Technology Productivity Tools
·       5 Technology and Research Tools
·       6 Technology Problem-solving and Decision-making Tools

Student Assessment

Skill and content based tests and semester exam
Homework / classwork assignments.
Lab work
Group projects
Assigned projects
Student picked projects

Student Activities

View “Four-Stroke Engine” disc
Breakdown and rebuild lawnmower engine
Group projects
Individual projects

Mission and Student Expectations Alignment

Student will be provided an environment in which to acquire knowledge and skills to become a respectful, productive, and responsible citizen.

Applied Learning Alignment

A1, C1, C2, C3, D1, D2, E1

Common Core Standards for Mathematics

N-Q 1,2,3,
A-CED 1,2,3,4

Math Practices 1,2,5,6

Common Core of Learning

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