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 FCS - Textile Arts II
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Textile Arts II

Course Objectives

The student
o       integrates the knowledge, skills, and practices required for working in the field of textiles  and apparel.

o       demonstrates advanced skills needed to create, alter, and repair textile products.

Performance Indicators

The student

Applies knowledge of advanced textile design  skills.

Analyzes career choices within the textile and design industries.

Evaluates elements textile and apparel merchandising.

Uses a variety of equipment, tools, and supplies for apparel and textile construction, alteration, and repair.

Determines performance characteristics of fibers and textiles.

Standards Alignment

Applied Learning A 2, Communication Tools and    Techniques
Applied Learning A 5, Tools and Techniques for Working With Others
English Language Arts E 2, Writing
English Language Arts E 1-C, Reading
Mathematics M 5, Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasoning
Family and Consumer Sciences National Standard 16.0 Textiles and Apparel
Family and Consumer Sciences National Standard
16.2 Textiles and Apparel

Technology Standards Alignment

Students make informed choices among technology systems, resources, and services. (1,2)
Students apply technology tools for research, information analysis, problem solving, and decision making in content learning.
Perf. Indicators 8,9

Student Assessment

Written Performance Tests
Writing Assignments
Visuals: brochures, posters, videos
Research Projects: surveys, interviews
Individual laboratory textile projects

Student Activities

Case Studies
Class Discussions
Cooperative Learning
Out of Class Experiences: field trips, interviews
Guest Speakers
placePlaceNameScenario PlaceTypeBuilding
Project-based Learning
Writing Assignments
Reading Assignments
Research: Library and Internet
Individual Laboratory Textile Projects
Community Service Projects

SLE's: A1, A4, C5, C6

Applied Learning Alignment

C1, C2, C3
D1, D2

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