Sports Marketing and Management (672)

CourseĀ  Objectives

Students will be learning and developing the skills necessary to manage and market a successful sports franchise in today's current multi-billion dollar sports industry. Through teacher driven lessons and student operation of a mock sports franchise, participants will explore research regarding opportunities in the sport industry. Several case studies from professional and collegiate sports, fitness and sport marketing industries will also be involved. Specifically topics ranging from, knowledge of consumer behavior and sport marketing planning, to the design and implementation of marketing plans will be emphasized. In addition, the integration of ethical decision making, product, pricing, promotion, distribution, sales, sponsorship, advertising, and brand in the marketing of sport goods and services will be focused upon.

Performance Indicators

The student will:

o       Explain the role of sports marketing and analyze its impact on careers and doing business at the local, state, national, and international levels.
o       Apply communication strategies necessary and appropriate for effective and profitable business relations within the sports industry.
o       Understanding the interrelationships of different sectors within the sports industry and the impact of one component on another.
o       Utilize analytical tools needed to understand and make reasoned decisions about economic issues involving sports management.
o       Develop a marketing plan for a mock sports franchise.
o       Compare and contrast the basic tenets of management theories and explain why they are important to the success of individual sports franchises.
o       Develop and use general managerial skills.
o       Define, develop, and apply a code of sports ethics.

Standards Alignment

Explain the role of the sports industry; analyze how it impacts business at all levels.
Analyze customer groups and develop a plan to identify, reach, and keep customers in a specific target market.
Apply economic concepts when making decisions for a sports franchise.
Apply communications strategies necessary and appropriate for effective and profitable industry relations.
Apply marketing concepts to the sports industry.
Analyze special challenges in operations and human resource management in the sports industry.

Technology Standards Alignment


Student Assessment

o       Chapter Quizzes and Tests
o       PowerPoint Presentations
o       Short Reports
o       Group Participation
o       Group Projects
o       Final Exam

Student Activities

o       Analyze case studies and prepare reports
o       Conduct Internet research and prepare reports
o       Participate in role play activities
o       Write a franchise marketing plan
o       Conduct management experiments
o       Give oral presentations

Mission and Student Expectations Alignment

A2   All students will utilize effective literacy skills: communication, writing effectiveness,        reading analysis and interpretation

A3      All students will meet performance standards for technological literacy in their classes.

C5   Respect diversity and balance indivdual freedom with the needs and rights of others.

Applied Learning Alignment

o       Problem Solving A1a, A1b, A1c
o       Communication Tools and Techniques A2b, A2c
o       Information Tools and Techniques A3a, A3c
o       Learning and Self-management Tools and Techniques A4a, A4b, A4c
o       Tools and Techniques for Working With Others A5a

ELA Grade Span Expectations
Mathematics Grade Span Expectations
        R 3.2                   I/A

Writing and Communications
        W 1.3                   A
        W 9.1-9.5                       A+
        OC 1.4                  A
        OC 2.1-2.4, 2.6         A
        W 6.1, 6.2              A

Common Core of Learning

  Read widely and attentively
  Speak, listen and converse intelligently
Problem Solving and Decision Making
  Learn continuously, effectively solve problems
Body of Knowledge
  Know about them, know about others
Personal Responsibility
 Acquire necessary skills, competencies and personal qualities to succeed in the workplace
 Respond to challenges with integrity, honesty and courage
 Work responsibly in groups