CourseĀ  Objectives

o       Develop proper letter, number and symbol keyboarding technique
o       Master proofreading and editing skills
o       Master formatting for written correspondence, manuscripts and tables.
o       Introduce students to communication and people skills necessary for success in all walks of life.

Performance Indicators

The student will:
o       Demonstrate proper keyboarding technique
o       Format memos
o       Format personal-business letters
o       Format business letters
o       Format manuscripts in MLA style
o       Format tables
o       Practice business skills (thank you notes, dress, attitude, greetings, communications, etc)

Standards Alignment

Assess the impact of information technology on society.
Use input technologies appropriately to enter and manipulate text and data.
Describe positions and career paths in information technology

Technology Standards Alignment

Performance Indicators:
1, 2, 3, 4

Student Assessment

o        Teacher observation of technique
o        Production assignments
o        Skill and content based quiz/test
o        Semester exam

Student Activities

o       Guided practice
o       Technique drills
o       Timed writings
o       Composing at the keyboard
o       Production of formatted assignments
o       Group and individual discussions
o       Roleplay

Mission and Student Expectations Alignment

A3      All students will meet performance standards for technological literacy in their classes.

Applied Learning Alignment

o       Information Tools and Techniques: A3c
o       Learning and Self-Management Tools and Techniques: A4a, A4b and A4c
o       Tools and Techniques for Working With Others: A5a

ELA Grade Span Expectations
Mathematics Grade Span Expectations
Written                 W 1.4           I/A
                        W 9.1-6.4        A+


Communications  OC  2.6 I/A+
                        OC  6.1 A-
                        OC  6.6 I/A+    

Common Core of Learning

  Read widely and attentively
Problem Solving
  Learn continuously
Body of Knowledge
  Know about themselves
Problem Solving and Responsibility
  Acquire the necessary skills, competencies and   personal qualities to succeed in the workplace
  Respond to challenges with integrity, honesty and courage