CourseĀ  Objectives

o       Students will learn the fundamentals of Office 2007
o       Acquaint students with proper Keyboarding technique, including touch-type technique, proper formatting of documents, and proofreading.
o       Acquaint students with proper procedures to create documents, worksheets, databases and presentations suitable for coursework, professional purposes, and personal use.
o       Expose students to practical examples of the computer as a useful tool
o       Help students become more productive
o       Describe positions and career paths available to students through the mastery of the covered material.

Performance Indicators

The student will:
o       Maintain proper Keyboarding technique, create and edit properly formatted documents, and proofread them
o       Create and edit a variety of word processing documents including MLA reports with works cited pages, resumes, cover letters, and multicolumn brochures
o       Format pictures, graphics and sounds
o       Create and format worksheets with embedded charts
o       Create formulas/functions in an Excel document
o       Use what-if analysis in a worksheet
o       Use absolute referencing in a worksheet
o       Create databases using design and data sheet views
o       Create reports from databases
o       Query a database
o       Maintain and update a database
o       Create a PowerPoint presentation using research and proper design elements
o       Use backgrounds, slide layouts, slide transitions, animation effects, graphics and sounds in a PowerPoint presentation
o       Use the five elements of Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher) together

Standards Alignment

Assess the impact of information technology on society.
Use input technologies appropriately to enter and manipulate text and data.
Describe positions and career paths in information technology.

Technology Standards Alignment

Performance Indicators:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Student Assessment

o       Skill and content-based production projects and assignments.
o       Skill and content based quizzes and tests.
o       Final Exam
o       Observation of consistent and diligent work ethic and Keyboarding technique.
o       Attendance

Student Activities

Microsoft Word:
o       Create research papers, works cited pages, resumes, cover letters and multi-column documents.

Microsoft Excel:
o       Create spreadsheets and charts using formulas, functions, if statements and absolute referencing.

Microsoft PowerPoint:
o       Create a slide show using backgrounds, layouts, graphics, sounds, transitions and animation.

Microsoft Access:
o       Create, maintain and operate a database using tables, reports and queries.

Microsoft Publisher
o        Create a newsletter

Mission and Student Expectations Alignment

A1      All students will demonstrate critical thinking by acquiring & analyzing information and completing an inquiry based project.

A3      All students will meet performance standards for technological literacy in their classes.

Applied Learning Alignment

o       Communication Tools and Techniques A2c
o       Information Tools and Techniques A3a
o       Information Tools and Techniques A3c
o       Information Tools and Techniques A3e
o       Learning Self-Management Tools and Techniques A4b

ELA Grade Span Expectations
Mathematics Grade Span Expectations
Reading:                    R3.2            I/A
                            R 15.1           A-
                            R 15.2           A-
                            R 15.3           A-

Writing                    W   9.1-4     A+
                           W    6.1        A-
                           W    6.2        A-
                          W    6.6        I/A
Communications    OC     2.1       I/A
                           OC    2.6        I/A

Common Core of Learning

  Read widely and attentively
Problem Solving
  Learn continuously, effectively solve problems
Body of Knowledge
  Know about themselves
Personal and Social Responsibility
  Acquire necessary skills, competencies and personal qualities to succeed in the workplace
  Respond to challenges with integrity, honesty and courage