CourseĀ  Objectives

Understanding of basic economic principles
Understanding the functions of management
Understanding the role of the entrepreneur
Understanding the forms of business  ownership
Develop business ethics
Understand theories of management
Understand the role of operations management
Understand the role of human resource
Understand the role of finance management
Understand the role of marketing management
Understand the characteristics of good
   organizational structure
Develop management skills
Understanding basic accounting and law principles

Performance Indicators

The student will:
o       Develop career awareness and related skills to enable them to make viable choices and become employable in a variety of business careers.
o       Communicate effectively as writers, listeners and speakers in business settings
o       Prepare to become an entrepreneur by drawing from their general understanding of all aspects of business
o       Understand the interrelationships of different functional areas of business and the impact of one component on another
o       Utilize analytical tools needed to understand and make reasoned decisions about economic issues-both personal and societal
o       Develop a business plan for an entrepreneurial venture
o       Compare and contrast the basic tenets of management theories and explain why they are important
o       Develop general managerial skills
o       Apply business knowledge to analyze an S&P 500 company

Standards Alignment

Recognize that entrepreneurs possess unique characteristics and evaluate the degree to which one possesses those characteristics
Analyze customer groups and develop a plan to identify, reach, and keep customers in a specific target market.
Apply economic concepts when and analyze an S&P 500 company.
Understand the financial competencies needed by an entrepreneur
Recognize that entrepreneurs must establish, maintain, and analyze appropriate records to make business decisions.
Analyze how forms of business ownership, government regulations, and business ethics affect entrepreneurial ventures
Analyze real businesses for effective business decisions.

Technology Standards Alignment

Performance Indictors:
1 , 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Student Assessment

Chapter tests
Group participation
Individual and group projects
Final exam
Analyze an S&P 500 company

Student Activities

o       Conduct Internet research and collect data
o       Participate in role play activities
o       Analyze S&P 500 company
o       Give oral presentations
o       Track changes in stock portfolios
o       Complete portfolio assignments

Mission and Student Expectations Alignment

A1   All students will acquire and analyze information, think critically, and use logic in problem solving

A2   All students will utilize effective literary skills: communication, writing effectiveness, reading analysis and interpretation.

A3      All students will meet performance standards for technological literacy in their classes.

C6   All students will act responsibly concerning political, environmental, social, and economic issues that affect the present and future health of our community and world.

Applied Learning Alignment

o       Problem Solving A1a, A1b, A1c
o       Communication Tools and Techniques A2b, A2c
o       Information Tools and Techniques A3a, A3c
o       Learning and Self-management Tools and Techniques A4a, A4b, A4c
o       Tools and Techniques for Working With Others A5a

ELA Grade Span Expectations
Mathematics Grade Span Expectations
Reading:                R 3.2  I, A
Writing         W   1.3  A
Communications  OC 1.4  A
                        OC 2.1  A
                         OC 2.4  A

Common Core of Learning

  Read widely and attentively
  Speak, listen and converse intelligently
Problem Solving and Decision Making
  Learn continuously, effectively solve problems
Body of Knowledge
  Know about themselves, know about others
Personal Responsibility
 Acquire necessary skills, competencies and personal qualities to succeed in the workplace
 Respond to challenges with integrity, honesty and courage
 Work responsibly in groups