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Welcome to the SKHS PTG website

PTG Mission Statement:
To serve as a liaison between South Kingstown High School and the community, and as a source of information for families. Through these functions we will support and promote the high school’s learning environment.  

The South Kingstown High School PTG (Parent-Teacher Group) is a volunteer group of concerned Parents and Teachers,
who have come together to enrich the student experience. The PTG proudly supports our Students, Faculty and Staff here @ SKHS by sponsoring community events, offering enrichment programs and organizing volunteers to assist during the school year.

Yearly PTG activities
* Incoming 9th Grade Presentation
* Open House Presentation
* Teacher Appreciation Lunch
* Provide food for Winter Ball
* Provide snacks for Seniors and Faculty on Portfolio Day
* Organize/Host Graduation Reception
* Provide assistance to SKHS Faculty and Class Advisors
Current Goals
* Improve Entranceways to Schools
  • Hazard Entanceway has been scrubbed clean of bubble gum
  • New Bench to be installed (Thank you Class of 2013)
* Enhance the quality of school life for students and staff

* Foster SKHS School Spirit

Current Needs

For more information or to send suggestions, comments and/or concerns...please feel free to email us at:

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Last Modified: Mar 07, 2014