Science Department


Welcome tothe Science Department at South Kingstown High School where we believethat all students are entitled to a learning environment that providesopportunities to investigate, explore and analyze concepts of systems,cycles, models and the nature of science.  Exposure to this environmentenhances the opportunity for the application of these concepts to thepractice of inquiry, arguing ideas and predicting results; all of whichdevelop the practice of good habits of mind. We believe that the use oftechnology is an integral component of scientific and intellectualinquiry.

    The Science Department at South Kingstown High School recognizesthat a general science curriculum is an integral component of theliberal arts education offered at the High School.  The need to rapidlyexpand the technical character of society requires a substantialdevelopment in the science and technology backgrounds of its citizens. It also requires an increase in the number of professionals that canspecialize in technical subjects, and who will therefore help to movesociety forward in this area.  Our program sustains sufficient depth andbreadth to satisfy the science educational requirements of any studentprofile, and thereby represents a significant component to their generaleducation.

Toachieve proficiency on the New England Common Assessment Program(NECAP) Science Assessment (taken at the end of 11th grade) students must take 3 core courses beginning in the 9thgrade.  These include: Earth Systems and Space Science,  Biology, &Chemistry. Students may also wish to pursue other areas of interest inscience and there are a wide variety of elective courses for thosestudents interested in studying further.  Students with an activeinterest in science may take additional science courses ("double up")after their 9th grade year.

Stephen Vincelette
Science Department Chair