For Admissions Officers and College Representatives

Welcome and thank you for your interest in South Kingstown High School.  We invite you to schedule a visit to our school using the following link:

In addition to individual college visits, we are planning our annual Mini College Fair. It is scheduled September 21, 2018 from 8:30 AM- 9:45 AM; if you are interested in representing your school there, use the following link to register:

Please know that you are welcome to attend the mini-fair in addition to or in lieu of an individual visit to our school.  

If you encounter a  problem in scheduling, please contact Norma Brooks and Kirstin Stahl at

Please find the following attached below:

2018-2019 Academic Calendar
2017-2018 SKHS  School Profile**
2018 SKHS Program of Studies

2018-2019 School Calendar - printable.pdf
SKHS Profile 2017-2018.pdf
2018 SKHS Program of Studies.pdf

**2018-2019 SKHS Profile will be uploaded as soon as it is available