Tips to Keep in Mind When Using Parent Connect

You can log onto Parent Connect by clicking on the Parent Connect tab of the SKHS website - 

You can view a running average of your child’s grade to date by clicking on the class scores tab after clicking on the assignments tab. Please do not think that this grade reflects your child’s grade at the time you see it. That average could be skewed – positively or negatively - depending on what has been assigned, graded, collected, and on how the teacher grades (percentages or total points). For instance, a grade may be recorded as a zero, resulting in a lower average but then later be made up.

You should expect a wait period of two weeks for lengthy assignments to be entered by the faculty. In general, we’ve told faculty that they need to update their gradebooks at least once every two weeks.

Homework may not be inputted every day, even if a teacher checks it that often. Different teachers grade homework in different ways. Some may check daily and provide a grade on certain homework assignments, some may provide a weekly homework grade. Teachers should have explained grading policies to students at the beginning of the year.

If you have questions about why your child earned a specific grade, please speak with your child and/or look at the assignment and rubric when they are handed back. Your child should be able to answer most of your questions by viewing the assignment with you. If your child is not permitted to take an assignment or test home, then contact the teacher.

The grades tab provides you a numerical grade, not a letter grade. Please keep in mind that teachers may look at a number and determine a slightly different grade due to class participation or improvement throughout the quarter.

If you do see a zero in the gradebook, understand that we have asked teachers to record grades as zeros if work is not submitted. Before contacting the teacher, have a conversation with your child regarding why the assignment is a zero and if there are extenuating circumstances. The zero also can serve as an opportunity for you to have a conversation with your child regarding why he/she chose not to hand in particular assignments.

Contact Doug Snow @ 360-1212 if you have questions about the operational side of the program. Finally, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teachers, after you have talked with your son or daughter, regarding any questions about grades.

For your log-in information, contact Kim Thibodeau at: or 360-1312



Last Modified: Sep 25, 2013