SKHS Clubs and Sports 2015-2016
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Academic Decathlon                                                                      
Academic Decathlon is the premier scholastic competition for high school students.*  The Academic Decathlon competition is comprised of ten events.  Students will compete in the areas of Speech, Interview and Essay Writing. There are also seven multiple-choice exams-one in each of the following subject areas:  Art, Economics, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Social Science & Super Quiz, a fun, high intensity jeoparty-type game in front of a live audience!  
*There is a new theme each year - for 2015-2016 the theme is India.

Anchor - SKHS Yearbook
The Yearbook is designed to expose students to the skills of photography, journalism, and page layout, as well as to meet the demands of a production schedule and publication deadlines.  Prerequisite: Any student in good standing.

Anime Club                                                                                      
Anime Club meets on Mondays in the library/portfolio room and discusses/views all aspects of appropriate anime media.

Art Club                                                                                        
Art Club is an after school activity for any student who enjoys making art.  Unleash your creativity in the 'open studio' experience.  This club is for students of all artistic abilities, no art experience necessary.  Meets on Wednesdays in art room 227.

Craft Club
If you would like to learn how to sew, knit, crochet or make crafts, we have the club for you.  Craft Club meets every Wednesday in room 226 after school.  You could make unique items for yourself or gifts for your friends and family.

Debate Team
The SKHS Debate Team is for all students who would like to improve their public speaking and argument skills.  Students construct parliamentary debate style cases and participate in practice debates against other members of the team.  The SKHS Debate Team is a part of the RI Forensics League and participates in monthly meets across the state.  We meet every Friday in Rm.323 after school

Drama Club
Michael Alper                                                                  
The South Kingstown High School Drama Club is an after school activity that meets throughout the school year.  Students that are interested in being part of our staged theatrical productions are invited to be part of the club.  The Drama Club may also go on field trips to see several theatrical productions or take groups to perform in drama festivals.

French Club                                                                                     
The French Club offers students the opportunity to celebrate Francophone culture through music, film, food, holiday traditions and general merrymaking that goes beyond the classroom experience.  All lovers of things French are welcome.

Societe Honoraire de Francais                                                           
This is the national French honor society chartered under the auspices of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF).  Students are invited to become members based on their academic qualifications in French, teacher recommendation and evidence of interest in French beyond the classroom.

Freshman Mentor Program
Anahid Avedesian        

The SKHS Freshman Mentor Program is one aspect of the ninth grade transition program which provides
freshmen with upperclassmen mentors, who act as "trusted guides".  Approximately 50 mentors provide an ongoing orientation process that enable freshmen to become familiar with the policies, procedures, programs, and traditions at SKHS.  Mentors meet with all the ninth graders once a week during Advisory.  To become a mentor, current sophomores or juniors must complete an application process in the spring.  Junior mentors must reapply to become mentors as seniors.  FMP activities also include Freshman Orientation Night, Back to School Night, and conducting tours for transfer students.  Mentors also attend the Summer FMP Workshop.  Community service could count towards completion of SLE 6.

Green Team                                                                              
The Greeen Team is a student group in charge of designing, maintaining, and promoting the SKHS Courtyard.  The Green Team meets after school and is made up of teachers and students who care about the environment, love the outdoors, landscaping, gardening, have fun creative ideas......and don't mind getting a little dirty!

Inksplot (Book Group)                                                                           
Inksplot is for anyone who enjoys reading.  In a comfortable and no-pressure setting, students meet to share ideas on various books.  Tuesdays: ASA Rm 301.

Invisible Children                                                                              
The Invisible Children is a group of students that works to help raise awareness for the plight of children in Africa who are forced into becoming soldiers.  Some of these kids are as young as 11 and 12 years old.  Please join us in our efforts to help these children.

Italian Club                                                                                    
The Italian Club will meet to discuss various cultural topics throughout the year.  We explore various aspects of Italian life, for example: Italian film, cuisine, music and art.  We will celebrate various Italian holidays including La Festa della Donna, San Giuseppe, eil sei gennaio.  All are welcome!

Societa Onoraria Italica                                                                        
This is the national Italian honor society chartered under the auspices of the American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI).  Students are invited to become members based on their academic qualifications in Italian and teacher recommendation.

Math Team
Math Team is a group of students who enjoy challenging math problems and like competition with other schools.  We meet Wednesday from 2:15-3:15pm in room 207 for practice.  We have 4 regular meets, state playoffs and New England playoffs. We generally do well finishing in top 5 each year.  Info board/display case in Math Wing.

National Honor Society                                                                  
NHS is a national group of students who maintain a GPA of 4.0 and complete 33 hours of community service during the year.  We invite members each year in the fall who have a GPA the previous year that meets the criteria (this is why Freshmen are not invited until their Sophomore year).  We have about 120-140 members each year.  Students meet others with similar goals and have a chance for leadership positions.  We have more info in the Math Wing.  Check out our web page for more information:

Photography Club                                                                                
The South Kingstown High School Photography Club is an after school activity that meets Wednesday afternoons in Room 231. (starting in October)  The Photography Club is for students who want to learn how to get the most out of their digital SLR camera.  Students will investigate and experiment with advanced photography techniques and utilize Photoshop software to enhance and manipulate images. Students must have their own digital SLR camera.

Project Venue
Project Venue is a group trying to create opportunities for South Kingstown youth to perform and create music and art in events put on by peers.  Project Venue's mission has changed a bit in the past few years.  While our previous stated goal was to establish a permanent venue for the SKHS community, we now focus more on putting on music and art shows in other spots in the community.  That said, we are always looking for a permanent space.  Meetings are held most Mondays.

Rebellion - SKHS Newspaper
Formerly a course offered at the high school, The Rebellion club will produce an online newspaper and expose students to a variety of journalistic writing styles, paper and online publications as well as basic web publishing skills.  Appointed editors and journalists are responsible for all aspects of the production and publication of the SKHS newspaper.  This includes identifying, planning, researching, writing and editing news stories and editorial columns, reviewing student essays and letters from readers, taking photographs and videos as well as conducting an array of other online media practices.  The Rebellion club plans to meet after school on Mondays and Thursdays in room 328 and 214.

Sailing Club
If you have sailing experience, we would love for you to come and use it on the water this fall with the SK Sailing Club.  We have access to several Tech Dinghies and will be using them to sail courses on Friday afternoons.  We are lucky to have the use of the URI Sailing Center on Salt Pond Road.  There is a nominal membership fee in order to use the URI sailboats.  So come, join in, and have some fun!

SMILE (Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement)
SMILE is for students interested in investigating science and math as well as college and career preparation.  Students meet weekly to explore fun and challenging hands-on activities that integrate both science and math.  In the spring the SMILE Club works with college faculty and URI students for the high school challenge weekend where they participate in a problem based science and math activities on campus.  There are also an assortment of field trips throughout the year.  SMILE students must maintain a grade of C or better in all subjects.  Preparing students to meet the challenges of college is a primary goal of the SMILE Program.  SMILE receives support from URI, NOAA, and the many private corporations.   Please join us on Tuesday afternoons.  Snacks are provided.

South Kingstown Crisis Simulation Day
Students who take part in the Honors International Relations Program will be leading a day of world saving every April.  The day involves world crisis simulation and problem solving that all students who enjoy debate, diplomacy and creative thinking are encouraged to take part in.  Students will represent countries and world leaders then convene to avert wars, natural disaster response and a variety of other current and historical problems.

SK Gay Straight Alliance
This group is both an advocacy and support group for gay youth.  All students are welcome to join with the goal of promoting safety, tolerance and equal rights within the school and community.

SK Literary Journal
Abstractions, our group's annual publication, features the art and literary expressions of the students at SKHS.  Membership is open to anyone who would like to share their writing and art, work on layout and design, or simply join in the creative process.  Members meet every Monday in room 319.  Submissions from all students are welcome.

SK Pades is a significant fundraiser for the junior class.  The show gives insight to life in SKHS according to the juniors.  Teachers, administrators and students are portrayed in a tasteful manner. SKPades is a tradition that has been part of the South Kingstown Community for over fifty years.  SKPades is pivotal in bonding the class together.  It creates the opportunity for students to work with classmates that they may not have known previously.  It showcases students' talents both known and hidden to the SKHS family.

Socieded Honoraria Hispancia
This is the national Spanish honor society chartered under the auspices of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP).  Students are invited to become members based on their academic qualifications in Spanish and teacher recommendation.

Spanish Club
Spanish Club is offered to all students at South Kingstown High School who would like to learn how to make authentic handicrafts, listen to music and play games.  Students will have an opportunity to learn how Spanish-speaking countries celebrate important events along with a few Spanish phrases and native musicians.

STAND (Students Taking a Stand Against Negative Decisions)
Katie MacKrell and Heidi Driscoll (SK Partnership for Prevention)
This group promotes prevention of destructive decisions including violence, substance abuse, discrimination, etc. both within the school and community.  This is a nationally developed program that was previously known as "Students Against Drunk Driving" but has since changed its name.

Student Council
Student Council implements collaboration of all grade levels to work on issues important to the school and the community.  In doing so, the council is involved with many fundraising activities and tasks that better the South Kingstown Community.  Examples would be:  Homecoming Dance, Spirit Week and the Angel Tree, that provides needy families in SK with holiday gifts.  Student Council is also involved in activities that better the schools appearance.  It is the goal of Student Council to award scholarships to deserving students.

Students for Social and Environmental Justice/World Health Club
Students for Social & Environmental Justice is a student run organization that addresses the current social and environmental issues of our local and state community as well as global issues.  Letter writing campaigns, fund raising for orphanages, cooking for local shelters, Earth Day workshops and litter-a-thons are examples of past activities.

Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse (VAASA)
Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse are student athletes who are on a varsity team that wish to spread the concept of the dangers of alcohol and drugs.  The students go to trainings each year and do presentations to the Middle School to encourage positive behaviors and the dangers of substance use to the brain and body and to encourage youth, their peers and younger students to remain substance free.

Woodworking Club


South Kingstown High School offers the following interscholastic sports:

FALL:   Football, Cross Country (Boys and Girls), Field Hockey, Soccer (Boys and Girls),Tennis (Girls), Volleyball (Girls)

WINTER: Basketball (Boys and Girls), Wrestling, Gymnastics, Indoor Track (Boys and Girls), Swimming (Boys and Girls), Hockey (Boys)

SPRING: Baseball, Softball, Track (Boys and Girls), Vollyball (Boys), Tennis (Boys), Golf, Lacrosse (Boys and Girls)

Various Instructors
The following intramurals are offered dependent on student interest:

Fall:                   Badminton, Speed & Agility, Weight Training
Winter:         Basketball, Power Training, Plyometrics, Badminton
Spring:         Bike Club, Core Training

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